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Burkina Faso
skin collected from animals:
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A skin package is made by sealing product in between a layer of heated plastic, and one of adhesive coated paper. As seen to the right, the plastic is trapped in a frame that travels between the oven and the vacuum area. Once the plastic is secured and the frame raised out of the way, the board is loaded into the vacuum area and the product placed on top of the paper(seen at right as blue boxes). After the oven heats the plastic for a preset time, the frame lowers, the vacuum is activated, and the vacuu
Delivery Time
two weeks


1) Material: PU 2) Fashionable styles 3) High quality with competitive price 4).Original sample can be re-made
5).Any color and

A process for making full thickness hides of freshly slaughtered animals into split-thickness skin coverings for use in covering flayed sites of the human body where full thicknesses or partial thicknesses of portions of the skin have been destroyed by burns, trauma or ucerative conditions. A full thickness animal hide is cut into convenient strips, the hair and excess fat are removed from the strips to provide smoother, more regular surfaces thereon to facilitate the removal of a uniform dimension split-thickness external portion of the strip of animal skin. The exfoliation step is performed while supporting the inner side of the strip of animal skin against a block of resilient material, the surface of which deforms to adjust itself to the somewhat irregular inner surface of the animal skin so as to exert substantially even pressures on the inner surface, thus presenting a functionally level outer surface of animal skin to the cutting tool used to exfoliate a thin uniform-thickness strip of outer skin. This process avoids making large unnatural holes which would lessen the effectiveness of the finished product and is more efficient and more reliable than prior art methods